Message from the President of the Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers (EACE)

Dear fellow members and other readers:

On behalf of the incumbent Executive Committee that was elected by the 20th General Assembly, I would like to extend my greetings to all members and take the opportunity to share some ideas on matters relevant to the civil engineering profession and EACE. The Executive Committee wishes to thank the outgoing Executive Committee, upon whose work we will build to strengthen the Association.

Around the world, society’s expectations on the performance of the civil engineer and the civil engineering profession has, as always, been demanding - requiring the individual to be armed with updated knowledge and skills. The case of Ethiopia is no different. A large number of infrastructure projects are being implemented be it in transport, water, rural and urban infrastructure. Issues of quality, timely completion, cost management, frequent design revisions and project management are some of the challenges that continue to surface.

These and similar challenges of development need to be supported with focused research and development. The research and development should focus on issues related to construction materials, innovative design approaches, standards, codes of practice, etc. The findings of the research need to be introduced and applied by industry as well as design and construction practitioners. The new findings need to be widely disseminated and taken up in the curricula of institutions of higher learning.

Tesfaye Workineh

President, EACE